Cullen Family History
 and Genealogy

Saint-Louis, Kamouraska, Lower Canada



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beaulieu, Adjutor  02 Sep 1852Saint-Louis, Kamouraska, Lower Canada I7165
2 Beaulieu, Alphonse Eugène  16 Jun 1859Saint-Louis, Kamouraska, Lower Canada I7170
3 Beaulieu, Audelphine Audeflide  25 Jan 1864Saint-Louis, Kamouraska, Lower Canada I7169
4 Beaulieu, Claudia  20 Feb 1857Saint-Louis, Kamouraska, Lower Canada I7167
5 Beaulieu, Emma  08 Jun 1862Saint-Louis, Kamouraska, Lower Canada I7168
6 Beaulieu, Francois-Joseph Élie  04 Jun 1866Saint-Louis, Kamouraska, Lower Canada I7172
7 Beaulieu, Joseph Ludger Isidore  23 Mar 1868Saint-Louis, Kamouraska, Lower Canada I7174
8 Beaulieu, Joseph Thomas Eusèbe  27 Feb 1861Saint-Louis, Kamouraska, Lower Canada I7171
9 Beaulieu, Marie-Anne Anastasie  19 Jan 1851Saint-Louis, Kamouraska, Lower Canada I7164
10 Beaulieu, Marie-Eugènie Marilda  04 Jun 1866Saint-Louis, Kamouraska, Lower Canada I7173
11 Beaulieu, Marie-Séraphine Anais  01 Jul 1847Saint-Louis, Kamouraska, Lower Canada I6719
12 Beaulieu, Marie-Zoe Oliva  22 Jan 1855Saint-Louis, Kamouraska, Lower Canada I7166
13 Beaulieu, Philippe Abraham  07 Mar 1849Saint-Louis, Kamouraska, Lower Canada I7163


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beaulieu, Alphonse Eugène  17 Feb 1860Saint-Louis, Kamouraska, Lower Canada I7170
2 Beaulieu, Francois-Joseph Élie  28 Sep 1866Saint-Louis, Kamouraska, Lower Canada I7172
3 Beaulieu, Joseph Ludger Isidore  20 Sep 1869Saint-Louis, Kamouraska, Lower Canada I7174
4 Beaulieu, Joseph Thomas Eusèbe  15 Apr 1938Saint-Louis, Kamouraska, Lower Canada I7171
5 Beaulieu, Marie-Anne Anastasie  02 Aug 1851Saint-Louis, Kamouraska, Lower Canada I7164
6 Beaulieu, Marie-Eugènie Marilda  09 Nov 1866Saint-Louis, Kamouraska, Lower Canada I7173
7 Beaulieu, Marie-Séraphine Anais  09 Oct 1851Saint-Louis, Kamouraska, Lower Canada I6719