Cullen Family History
 and Genealogy

Fredericton, New Brunswick



Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Harned, Mary J  14 Feb 1799Fredericton, New Brunswick I902
2 Irwin, Mills  17 Mar 1843Fredericton, New Brunswick I1825
3 McBeath, George  1796Fredericton, New Brunswick I4024
4 McMurtrie, Andrew Stevens  03 Jul 1844Fredericton, New Brunswick I1819
5 Nicholson, Anna Maria  24 Oct 1854Fredericton, New Brunswick I1832
6 Nicholson, William F  1857Fredericton, New Brunswick I1833
7 Turner, Ada  Aug 1870Fredericton, New Brunswick I1221
8 Turner, Agnes  1848Fredericton, New Brunswick I1447
9 Turner, Alithea  Abt 1814Fredericton, New Brunswick I4962
10 Turner, Charles H  Abt 1853Fredericton, New Brunswick I582
11 Turner, Charles Marshall  28 Apr 1822Fredericton, New Brunswick I1030
12 Turner, Charles William  02 Jul 1838Fredericton, New Brunswick I1602
13 Turner, Edward William  18 Apr 1827Fredericton, New Brunswick I1569
14 Turner, Francis Ebenezer  19 Jun 1853Fredericton, New Brunswick I835
15 Turner, Frederick James  Apr 1860Fredericton, New Brunswick I1491
16 Turner, George Frederick  Aft 1839Fredericton, New Brunswick I3026
17 Turner, George Holden  14 Oct 1829Fredericton, New Brunswick I1031
18 Turner, George Holden  29 Sep 1855Fredericton, New Brunswick I1469
19 Turner, George Hutchinson  12 Sep 1828Fredericton, New Brunswick I5951
20 Turner, George William  24 Nov 1816Fredericton, New Brunswick I1713
21 Turner, Henry A. H  1848Fredericton, New Brunswick I583
22 Turner, Henry Alfred  13 Nov 1856Fredericton, New Brunswick I1480
23 Turner, Henry Travis  26 Apr 1830Fredericton, New Brunswick I5952
24 Turner, James  30 Jan 1832Fredericton, New Brunswick I1580
25 Turner, Jane Elizabeth  Abt 1818Fredericton, New Brunswick I1535
26 Turner, John  Oct 1850Fredericton, New Brunswick I1458
27 Turner, John Leverett  22 Aug 1825Fredericton, New Brunswick I5949
28 Turner, Myra Florence  18 Nov 1867Fredericton, New Brunswick I1524
29 Turner, Robert  28 Mar 1822Fredericton, New Brunswick I1558
30 Turner, Sarah Ann  29 Feb 1820Fredericton, New Brunswick I1546
31 Turner, Sarah Tupper  Feb 1865Fredericton, New Brunswick I1513
32 Turner, William Alfred  11 Nov 1826Fredericton, New Brunswick I5950
33 Turner, William Edward  21 May 1862Fredericton, New Brunswick I1502
34 Turner, William R  1840Fredericton, New Brunswick I593


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 McBeath, George  30 Nov 1831Fredericton, New Brunswick I4024
2 Nicholson, William  Between 1857 and 1861Fredericton, New Brunswick I1830
3 Russell, Catherine  14 Mar 1841Fredericton, New Brunswick I891
4 Russell, Phoebe  03 Jul 1833Fredericton, New Brunswick I3919
5 Treadwell, Rebecca Maria  28 Sep 1847Fredericton, New Brunswick I1023
6 Turner, Agnes  Bef 1851Fredericton, New Brunswick I1447
7 Turner, George Hutchinson  22 May 1860Fredericton, New Brunswick I879
8 Turner, George William  27 Aug 1857Fredericton, New Brunswick I1713
9 Turner, Henry A. H  03 Feb 1921Fredericton, New Brunswick I583
10 Turner, Holden  03 Jan 1845Fredericton, New Brunswick I913
11 Turner, Jane Elizabeth  10 Sep 1822Fredericton, New Brunswick I1535
12 Turner, John  12 May 1860Fredericton, New Brunswick I1458
13 Turner, Robert  18 Dec 1823Fredericton, New Brunswick I935
14 Turner, William Alfred  01 Feb 1919Fredericton, New Brunswick I5950
15 Turner, William R  02 Mar 1903Fredericton, New Brunswick I593


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 McBeath / Harned  28 Nov 1821Fredericton, New Brunswick F601
2 McIntosh / McBeath  07 Feb 1852Fredericton, New Brunswick F1139
3 Turner / Atherton  24 Jun 1869Fredericton, New Brunswick F2321
4 Turner / Cromwell  27 Mar 1813Fredericton, New Brunswick F1246
5 Turner / Estey  21 Dec 1839Fredericton, New Brunswick F1346
6 Turner / Russell  21 Jan 1817Fredericton, New Brunswick F545
7 Turner / Treadwell  28 Oct 1824Fredericton, New Brunswick F1268
8 Vail / Turner  20 Apr 1842Fredericton, New Brunswick F1179