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401 Source Medium: Book Source (S188)
402 Teacher and civil servant. Connolly, Cholestic Rita (I5411)
403 Tess was petite, a real "pepperpot". When her second husband, William Berry died, she went to live with her son, Raymond Lavery, on his farm in Vermont. ?, Theresa (I67)
404 The 1851 census for Newton in Vaudreuil shows a birthplace of Carillon, Lower Canada. Joanis, Cyrille (I6353)
405 The 1851 census for Vaudreuil, Newton district shows a birthplace of Cote-St.-Pierre, Lower Canada. Joanis, Joseph (I4697)
406 The 1851 Census staes that Ellen died of consumption. Cassidy, Ellen (I1750)
407 The 1871 census has a notation that Tully was also a lumberman and had 7 men domiciled elsewhere. Tully, Thomas (I236)
408 The 1901 Census lists Nicholas Power as living in a 4 room house and farming 150 acres on Lot 11 Range 6 in Templeton Township. Power, Nicholas (I318)
409 The August 9, 1864 issue of the Ottawa Citizen (page 2) carried the following notice:" At Waterloo by Rev. Joseph Ginguet, P.E. Ryan, merchant, Ottawa, son of John Ryan of St. Columbia, to Mary E. Ursula Cullen, daughter of Anthony Cullen of Templeton and granddaughter of the late Judge McDonnell, Pte Fortune"

The August 9, 1864 issue of the Ottawa Packet & Citizen carried the following notice: "M. Eliz Ursula Cullen, daughter of Tony of Templeton to P.E. Ryan, merchant, at Waterloo, son of John Ryan of St. Columbia and granddaughter of Judge McDonald of Pte Fortune" 
Family F146
410 The Buckingham and Lochaber section of the website lists several baptisms that took place on February 18, 1834 in a lumber camp in Buckingham performed by a priest from Bytown's Notre Dame parish. Thomas Lynch was among those baptized.

In the 1861 Census, Thomas is listed as a "shantyman". 
Lynch, Thomas (I258)
411 The death certificate for William states his name as William Elmer Berry. Berry, William Joseph (I65)
412 The headstone at St. Camillus Cemetery says she died at 6 years 9 months. Cassidy, Mary Catherine (I1751)
413 The Joanis families were living on ordnance land at Dow's Lake in Bytown in 1847 (Bruce Elliott).
François was alive in 1851 at the time of the census. But the marriage record of his daughter Marie on 19 November 1852 shows that he was deceased. A review of Notre Dame Cathedral records for the intervening period has surfaced a possibility of his death on 29 January 1852. There is a high probability that the record of the death of Francis "Lapacka" at age 57 on that date is for François. The age fits and the spelling phonetically by an English priest at least resembles Depocas. 
Depocas-dit-Joanis, François (I3416)
414 The July 31, 1883 edition of the Ottawa Citizen contained the following notice:
"At Gatineau Point, Que. on July 29, Mary Bridget Theresa, youngest daughter of P.E. Ryan, merchant of this city. Funeral from Express Ferry, New Edinburgh." 
Ryan, Mary Bridget Teresa (I520)
415 The marriage record for John Cassidy and Maria Bowes states that he was the widower of Mary Brazeau. Cassidy, John (I852)
416 The marriage record indicates that both Peter and Maria were from Long Island. Presumably, Peter was working on the Rideau Canal construction. Family F2400
417 The marriage record indicates that Michael was living in Nepean and Ellen in Gloucester. Family F1898
418 The marriage records for Mary's daughters Ann and Catherine have confirmed that their Mary's maiden name was Dwyer and not Moray as previously thought. Dwyer, Mary (I6156)
419 The obituary notice in the Ottawa Times of January 17, 1867 (page 2, Column 7) stated: "At St. Augustine Florida, December 28, 1866, of consumption, John Godfrey Cullen, medical student, aged 23 years and 4 months, only son of Anthony Cullen, Esq. J.P. of East Templeton, C.E." Cullen, John Godfrey (I291)
420 The Ontario Marriage Registry for Russell County contains the following record: No. 16930-06 Joseph George Turner, 22, railroad work, (born) Ottawa, (residence) Coteau Station, Quebec, s/o Francis Turner and Emma Lapointe married Bernadette Joanisse, 20, dress maker, (born) Rockland, (residence) same, d/o Jules Joanisse and Délina Quévillon, witness Francis Turner and Marie Levesque, both of Rockland, 22 August 1906 at Rockland. Family F2177
421 The Ottawa Times of April 10, 1867 (page 2, Column 8) reported:" At Stewart Street on Apr 8 to the wife of P.E. Ryan, merchant of this city, a daughter." Ryan, Mary Joanne Josephine (I4614)
422 The Richford Vermont Gazette on April 30, 1915 noted that 'Joseph' Lavery, "Dunham resident married Rose Belle Goodhue at the Catholic church in Richford, Vt. on April 26, 1915." Lavery, Herman Gerald (I70)
423 There is some question about Mary Jane's surname. It has been recorded as "Daze". Also, in the baptism record for daughter Julia, the name Daze has been struck out and the name "Brazeau" inserted. Brazeau, Mary Jane (I865)
424 There was an Ann Bulger, single, who died in Montreal on March 31, 1926 at age 70. This could our Ann Bulger. Bulger, Annie (I5013)
425 Thomas emigrated to Canada from England in 1885. In the 1911 census, Thomas was living with wife Catherine and baby daughter Margaret in Hochelaga (Montreal). His mother-in-law, Catherine Delaney, and sister-in-law, Sarah (?), lived with them. Thomas was an electrician in a shop. He spoke English and his wife was bilingual. Grimwood, Thomas Joseph Alban (I4777)
426 Thomas is buried in St. Camillus Church cemetery in Farrellton, Quebec Carroll, Thomas (I6912)
427 Thomas was a tailor Johnson, Thomas (I1115)
428 Tony and his family lived in Ottawa. He worked for the House of Commons staff in Parliament. Cullen, Anthony John (I6926)
429 Toussaint was murdered by Gabriel Dumont, Baron of Blaignac, a lieutenant of a company of marines. Hunault-dit-d'Eschamps, Toussaint (I2560)
430 Trevor was with the CPR at Fort William. He and his wife had seven children. Connolly, Trevor (I5422)
431 Twin of Carmel. Cooper, Mary Gertrude (I735)
432 Twin of Leonard Cullen. Cullen, David Albert (I5078)
433 Victor Doray was an executive with Northern Electric.

In the 1911 Census, Victor and his wife were living in Maisonneuve district, Montreal sub-district. Also living with them was his mother-in-law, Caroline Black. At that time, he was a salesman for an electrician. He worked 60 hours per week and in 1910, had earned $800. He was bilingual. 
Doray, Victor Clement (I54)
434 Was a neighbour of John Bernard Cullen Maisonneuve, Hormidas (I2271)
435 Was an Engineer from Bristol, England Stone, John Henry (I524)
436 Widow of George McBeath Harned, Mary J (I902)
437 Wilfred lived in Fort William. He and his wife had two children. Connolly, Wilfred Anthony (I5433)
438 Wilfrid drowned with his brother Dollard. Maheu, Wilfrid (I3236)
439 William (1862-1844) had a successful career as a railroader with Intercolonial Railway and CNR. He and wife Francina Cameron had 10 children. They lived in Rivière-du-Loup, before moving to the Levis area about 1900 and later transferring to Montreal with CNR. Their five sons all worked in railroading. William returned to Breakeyville, a village on the Chaudiere River south of Quebec, a few years before his death in 1944. Turner, William Edward (I1502)
440 William and his family had a 100 acre farm at Range 3, Lot 53 in Low Township. Carroll, William (I615)
441 William and his family immigrated to Canada c1818. He may have settled in Montreal prior to moving to the St. Armand Seigniory in Bedford County in the Eastern Townships. He worked a small farm of 50 acres.
His family is listed in the 1825, 1831 and 1842 Lower Canada censuses. 
Lavery, William (I6369)
442 William and his wife lived in Low, Quebec. O'Brien, William (I619)
443 William B. (1801-1855) married Rebecca Treadwell in 1824 in Fredericton. They had six children. After Rebecca died in 1847, William married Eliza Risteen. In the 1851 Census, he was listed as a proprietor. He died intestate in 1855 at age 54. Eliza remarried before 1861 to John Chambers, a lumberer. In the 1871 census, she was living with William and Margaret Agnes Stevens in Lancaster, Saint John. Turner, William B (I1635)
444 William Boyd and his wife lived in New Monkland, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Boyd, William (I1011)
445 William Jones was born in Wales and immigrated to Ottawa c1910. He was a veterinarian. He married Florence in 1911 and lived in North Gower, Ontario. Sometime thereafter, they moved to Chatham, New Brunswick, where he set up a practice. In 1936, he became manager of the Chaleur Inn in Dalhousie, New Brunswick. He remained there until his death in 1954. Jones, William Ballyntyne (I5478)
446 Witnesses at Bridget's marriage were Thomas O'Brien and Maria Bowes. O'Brien, Bridget (I618)
447 Witnesses at his wedding were John Cassidy and Bridget O'Brien. Cassidy, James (I612)
448 Worked with the CNR and New York Central Railroad. Turner, Francis Cameron (I1841)
449 Zacharie is the earliest Canadian immigrant ancestor of the of the Maheu line (1634) Cloutier, Zacharie (I732)

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