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251 James lived in Ottawa. He worked for E.B. Eddy Company in Hull. Cullen, James Patrick (I6881)
252 James married Jane Murray in Saint John in 1858; they were living in Fredericton in 1860; moved to Charlottetown about 1865 where James was for many years chief engineer on the SS St. Lawrence, a paddle wheel steamer which operated between PEI and Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Turner, James (I1580)
253 James moved to Wisconsin with his brother Thomas. He died at age 19 from scarlet fever. Carroll, James (I2018)
254 James was baptized on the day his father Michael died by drowning. Cosgrove, James (I1784)
255 Jane Elizabeth died in 1822 at age four and is buried in the Old Burial Ground in Fredericton. The tombstone is inscribed "In memory of Jane Elizabeth, oldest daughter of George and Catherine Turner, who departed this life September 10th, 1822 aged 4 years and 4 months". Turner, Jane Elizabeth (I1535)
256 Jane Mary Amelia (1794-1879) married Richard McGraw, a blacksmith, about 1815 and moved to Miramichi. He died before 1851. In that year Amelia was living in Fredericton with her mother and sister Charlotte. In 1861, she was living in Aroostook, Maine. She died in 1879 in Woodstock at age 87. Turner, Jane Mary Amelia (I1646)
257 Jasmine was adopted on September 17, 1999 from Tong Ling orphanage, Anhui Province, China. Mitchell, Jasmine Ling Lu Ray (I4139)
258 Jean emigrated to New France in 1635 Côté, Jean (I5288)
259 Jean Maheu was one of the 80 colonists recruited by Samuel de Champlain to settle in Quebec in 1619. Maheu, Jean (I3359)
260 Jean Marie was baptized the same day as her marriage. Family F1662
261 Jean was a master carpenter. He also served as the commander of the fort at Lachine from 1693 to 1695. Paré, Jean (I5703)
262 Jean was killed by the Iroquois in the Lachine massacre on 5 August 1689 along with his son Pierre. Michel, Jean (I5671)
263 Jean-Baptiste Depocas was a tisserand in 1798 according to daughter Marie Josèphe's baptism record.
In 1800, Jean-Baptiste was living in Cote Saint Henri Sud concession, at that time part of St. Eustache. 
Depocas-dit-Joanis, Jean-Baptiste (I1324)
264 Jean-Baptiste farmed on 73 acres on Lot 8 Range 5 in Templeton Township. He also leased an additional 100 acres. (1901 Census) Depocas-dit-Joanis, Jean-Baptiste (I2259)
265 Jeanne was a "fille a marier". Solde, Jeanne (I5617)
266 Jeanne was a "fille a marier". Voidy, Jeanne (I5686)
267 Jeanne was a "fille a marier". Herault, Jeanne-Jacquette (I5465)
268 Jeanne was a "fille du roi". Dufosse, Jeanne (I3785)
269 Jeanne was a "fille du roi". Roy, Jeanne (I5817)
270 jeanne was a "fille du roi". Denot, Jeanne (I5683)
271 Jehan was a miller in Maranzay. Audet, Jehan (I1081)
272 Jennet was a native of Ayrshire. Marjorie Waters identified Jennet's father as Robert. I have conducted extensive research in Canada and Scotland as to her origins without definitive results, but have concluded that (i) her father was Robert, who served with the 82nd regiment in the American Revolution and later settled in the Fredericton area, and (ii) she was born 1766-1770 in Ayrshire.
She died in Saint John on March 3, 1856 and is buried in the Old Burial Ground in Fredericton. 
Hutchinson, Jennet (I924)
273 John and Agnes' eldest son John drowned on May 12, 1860 at age 9 years. The story related in Waters' "Our Loyalist Ancestors: Kith and Kin of Holden Turner" is that young John "dove into the water to rescue a friend, which he succeeded in doing. Bystanders, concerned about the nearly-drowned youngster, neglected his rescuer, who, energy expended, had not the strength to pull himself from the water. Young John slipped beneath the surface and was drowned". Turner, John (I1458)
274 John Cullen emigrated with his family from Killinkere, Co. Cavan to Bytown, Upper Canada in 1826. He and his eldest son Anthony worked on the construction of the Rideau Canal and c1829 settled in Templeton Township, Lower Canada as one of its early pioneers. By the mid 1850s, John and his family had become important farmers and squared timber operators in the Township and were leaders in church and community affairs.
A complete biography is featured at (Feature Story 1) and his biography and those of his descendants are the subject of the book "The Cullens of Templeton, A Two Hundred Year Journey". 
Cullen, John (I80)
275 John D. (1790-1824) lived in Fredericton. He served in the New Brunswick Volunteer Militia Rangers in 1808 with Asa Cromwell. In 1813 he married Asa's sister, Alithea, in Fredericton. He submitted land petitions in 1813 and 1817 and moved to Miramichi in 1818. John and Alithea had five children; he died in Miramichi in 1824. Turner, John D (I1613)
276 John is listed in the 1911 Civil Servant List of Canada. Choquette, John Albert (I7081)
277 John Kilby was a farmer in Templeton Township. Kilby, John O (I533)
278 John Lynch died in a logging accident at age 16. Lynch, John (I1711)
279 John Ryan owned a dry goods store on William Street in Bytown. Ryan, John (I6100)
280 John Ryan was born near New Ross, Wexford and married there c1797. He and his family emigrated to Canada in 1817 after the Wexford Massacre of the previous year. They first settled in Brockville, Kitley Township, Leeds County. Three years later they moved to Pendleton. Ryan, John (I539)
281 John Stars is listed as a school teacher in the 1861 census of the Village of Buckingham. Stars, John (I1715)
282 John Turner was a most colourful character. He was a tall man with a flowing mane, full beard and moustache. He was adventuresome at an early age, leaving home to work in the wilds of northwestern New Brunswick. He became one of the Province's well known stagecoach "whips", and he used this expertise, together with a strong and fearsome entrepreneurial spirit, to start new businesses alone and with others. His limitless ambition and drive led to uprooting his family for a new life in Rivière-du-Loup. His enterprise became the basis for the family's wealth and its transformation into railroading.
In 1848, he owned and operated the St. Mary's Ferry. In the 1850s and 1860s, he drove or operated a stagecoach service on a number of routes including Fredericton to St. Andrews and Fredericton to Woodstock. He also took over his father George cab service for the N.B. Assembly upon George's death. He was also a blacksmith in Fredericton.
In 1868 he and his family moved to Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec, where, in partnership with J.R. Tupper, he commenced a stagecoach/mail courier service along the Grand Portage Route to Edmundston. John took over ownership of the business in 1876 and continued through to the 1890s. It was a substantial operation with up to 28 horses, several drivers, coaches and sleighs, and stables at several points along the route. The service was vastly curtailed with the coming of the Temiscouata Railway along the same route in 1889.
John and his wife Agnes Nicholson had nine children, two of whom died before reaching adulthood. Four of his five sons continued in transportation as railroad engineers.
Agnes died in 189 in Rivière-du-Loup. John lived his remaining years, there and in Ottawa and Winnipeg, where he died in 1911.
John's legacy was the lure and love of transportation that he instilled in his boys, that carried on in the careers of Turner men in three successive generations.
Turner, John (I857)
283 John was a blacksmith. Connolly, John (I4956)
284 John was a farmer and timberer in Templeton Township, on his own and in partnership with his brother-in-law, James O'Hagan. In the 1860s, he moved to Millbrook in central Michigan where he was a laborer. He committed suicide in 1885 while "temporarily deranged" and is buried in Decker Cemetery in Millbrook.
Cullen, John (I191)
285 John was a farmer in St. Armand in 1826. At the time, he was married with 2 children.
John may be the son of William Lavery and Mary Gillespie. 
Lavery, John (I6396)
286 John was raised in Templeton Township and became a farmer at a young age with his father. He also likely worked in the timber camps in the winter. He married Mary Power in 1881 and was farming his own property, later gifted by his father. He later became a part-time miner. Mary died in 1912. He remarried in 1916 to Annie O'Brien in Ottawa.
John died in November 1916 while working for a mining company in Boston Creek, Northern Ontario. He was struck by a falling tree.
Cullen, John Bernard (I6815)
287 Joseph and Florence had four children, three of whom died of diphtheria within one week in the early 1930's. McClements, Joseph Michael (I746)
288 Joseph Lapointe drowned while working as a draveur on Rivière du Pêches. Lapointe, Joseph (I5967)
289 Joseph was a farmer in Degelis; later he was a hotelier in Edmundston. Têtu, Louis Joseph François Alexandre (I5956)
290 Josephte died following childbirth. Fauteux, Josèphte (I4698)
291 Jules' Ontario death record states he was born in Côte St. Pierre, Canada East.

In 1885, Jules was working as a millwright in Carleton Place, Ontario. 
Depocas-dit-Joanis, Pierre Jules (I1147)
292 Julia was born on a farm across the Gatineau River from Farrellton. Carroll, Julia (I480)
293 Katherine (1890-1968) was a registered nurse and a concert pianist and teacher, and painter. In 1914, she married Guerney Orr, an architect with the civil service in Ottawa. After Guerney died in 1937, she moved to California in 1938 to live with her Aunts Myra Turner Cox and Sarah Turner White, both widows as well. Myra owned a home in Laguna Beach, where Kit practised her painting skills. She loved to paint the boats in the harbor and at Marina Del Mar, several of which survive today. When Myra died in 1954 Kit moved to Tularosa, New Mexico. She was joined there by her sister Ida. Kit lived in Tularosa for about 10 years before moving to Vero Beach, Florida to live near her sister Amy. In her later years she suffered from arthritis and had difficulty playing the piano. She had a "pleasant little house, a few miles out of town". She died there in 1968. (Source: Jan de Grosbois Campbell) Turner, Katherine Loretta (I1402)
294 Kieran Carroll emigrated from King's County, Ireland with his sister and brother about 1840. His two siblings died in Quebec City soon after disembarkation. His early times in Canada are unknown, but it is assumed that he came to the Farrellton, Quebec area in the early 1840s. He settled in Denholm Township on part of Lots 53 and 54 of Range 1. In 1848 he married Mary Cassidy, the daughter of Thomas Cassidy, his neighbour. Carroll, Kieran (I6914)
295 Laurent is listed as a carpenter in the 1891 Census for the Village of Buckingham. In the 1901 census, Laurent and his family were living in an 8 room house and farming 50 acres on Lot 9 Range 2 in L'Ange Gardien Township. They also farmed on another 400 acres of leased land. Joanis, Laurent (I2423)
296 Laurent is listed as Steam Boat Captain in the 1891 Census for the Village of Buckingham. Mongeon, Laurent (I2950)
297 Lawrence is not listed in the 1871 census. He may have died in childhood. Power, Lawrence (I1749)
298 Leonard Doray was a Pilot Officer and Wireless Operator/Air Gunner in the RCAF. He enlisted in Montreal on 21 June 1941 and received his wireless and air gunnery training in Canada in 1941 and 1942 . He passed near the top of his class in both and was commissioned as an officer. He arrived No. 3 Personnel Reception Centre at Bournemouth on 19 June 1942; transferred to No 2 Advanced Flying Unit at Millom, Cumberland on July 25th. On September 1 he transferred to No. 22 Operational Training Unit, part of RAF No. 6 Group, based at Wellesbourne Mountford airport near Stratford on Avon, for training in night bombing prior to becoming operational status. On November 9, 1942, Wellington MkIII HF648 crashed 1 mile SSE of Lighthorne Village just after takeoff from Gaydon airfield. Failure of the starboard engine was the cause. All crew were killed: F/O D B Clements RCAF, F/Sgt C S Boomer RCAF, P/O A A Herbert RCAF, P/O J L Doray RCAF and F/Sgt G W Wilken RCAF. Doray was the wireless operator/air gunner and died of multiple injuries and burns. He was buried on July 13, 1942 at Stratford-on-Avon.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission casualty details:

Initials: J L
Nationality: Canadian
Rank: Pilot Officer (W.Op./Air Gnr.)
Regiment/Service: Royal Canadian Air Force
Age: 25
Date of Death: 09/11/1942
Service No: J/11594
Additional information: Son of Edward and Teresa Doray, of Montreal, Province of Quebec, Canada.
Casualty Type: `Commonwealth War Dead
Grave/Memorial Reference: Grave 4046.

Country: United Kingdom
Locality: Warwickshire
Historical Information: Startford-on-Avon Cemetery contains 22 First World War burials, made mainly from the hospital at Clopton House. During the Second World War, there was a contingent of the Royal Canadian Air Force based at nearby Wellesboune Mountford and of the 137 Second World War burials (most of them forming a war graves plot), 97 are of Canadian airmen. The cemetery also contains 15 war graves of other nationalities.
No. of Identified Casualties: 174

The Montreal Gazette - Nov 17, 1942
P.O. JOSEPH LEONARD DORAY, 25, who has been officially reported killed on active service overseas, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Doray of 4547 Harvard avenue (Montreal). Born in Pembroke, Ont., he was educated in Montreal, where he worked until enlisting in July, 1941. At school he was active in all forms of athletics. PO. Doray has one brother, Eddy Doray, in the R.C.A. (Reserve Army), and three sisters, Eileen, Irene and Theresa of Montreal. 
Doray, Joseph Leonard (I39)
299 Leonard was a clog maker. Ethier, Léonard (I5485)
300 Lewellyn, known as Lew, was the first born of Lucy and Barney Cullen. Lew grew up in Ottawa, went to Ottawa High School and completed Grade 12. A restless, handsome man, Lew left home at age 18 and worked as time-keeper with a CPR Section Gang on the North Shore Line (Hull to Lachute, Quebec). He then went to the Magnesite Mines as time-keeper. He then worked for The Foundation Company of Canada in New Brunswick as an engineer and later in Cornwall, Ontario at the construction of a silk mill. In 1932, he joined the Ottawa Police Force and, except for war service with the RCAF, was a policeman until 1953.

In 1932, Lew married Vivien Connolly, the eighth child of Cholestic Girouard, a teacher, and John Connolly, a blacksmith, from North Bay. They had three children - Bernard, Anne and Trevor. Vivian died in 1950. The family had been living on Noel Street in New Edinburgh in the house previously occupied by Lew's parents.

In 1953, Lew married Geraldine Ireland and later the family moved to West Lorne near London, Ontario. They had one son, Alan. Lew died in February, 1986 and Geraldine died in February, 1987. 
Cullen, Joseph Llewellyn (I668)

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